Gas watch was a multifarious project for us, not in terms of technology, but teams working on it. Our client was a Chinese firm which was working on the app to deliver it to a US based concern. This, language was a barrier that had to be overcome effectively in order to achieve the desired result. Apart from that, a major hurdle was updating the app from iOS 6 to iOS7.

GasWatch, Android & iOS App Development - Pace Wisdom


Gas watch is built on a native android and native iOS platform.

We successfully interacted, collaborated and implemented the project for the china based client. It was one major globalization after-effect of interacting with people across various cultures and we fortuitously did well.

The biggest technical hiccup of updating the app from iOS 6 to iOS 7 was resolved only after we undertook extensive research and figured out the root-cause, which was the OS level Bluetooth Stack update. We thus solved the complex competition algorithm.

Quantifiable Benefit

More than 10000 users were added
since the development of the application.

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