Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging IoT And AI To Boost Business Conversion

With the challenge to transform potential customers to loyal customer is challenging due to the rate at which businesses are going the digital way. A business owner must understand the differences between creating awareness for the brand, services or products and converting this awareness into sales or profits. The latter entails a rather compelling business structure which would be useful in convincing your target and potential customers to use the product so that they convert into paying customers. There are ample of offers and content that could whisk your clients away in a blink of an eye. As businesses are now turning to innovative technologies like AI and IoT for gaining that competitive edge in an era of heightened competition. With businesses adopting the latest technologies, a recent survey has revealed that availability of AI encourages the customers to trust the business and spend more.

Let’s look at the ways businesses are maximizing their profits by deploying innovative power of AI and IoT:

Personalization: Business can now create content for specific customers through intuitive analytics of AI and IoT. Using customer buying patterns, search history, lifestyle to identify and market the best range of products or services to them, is now possible.

Customized Emails: Establishing customer loyalty today, entails a high level of commitment that shows the level of value the business places on its customers. Hence, businesses have now begun deploying and using AI, IoT to analyze and identify factors like the best frequency for sending emails, the appropriate time to the right set of audience.

Predictive Analysis: This is the use of AI in forecasting the probability of a prospective client becoming a long term client and as also to identify existing customers who could be motivated to spend more effectively.

Voice Search: Voice-search and SEO are strongly tied to AI, which is becoming important factors in determining the flow of organic traffic to the websites. Content optimization is also excessively leaning towards AI-enabled functionality in order to construct marketing contents that adhere to the latest trends, keywords, etc.

The wave of AI, IoT only gets better from here and are some of the ways in which highly informed businesses have been taking advantage of this trend for creating profits. This situation and the combination of these two technologies has led to an influx of data to derive precise observations and make informed business decisions.

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