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Mobile Apps- Upcoming Trends

Mobile app technology has been evolving ever since 2012. As business owners starting realizing the potential and opportunities that opened up with adapting this technology, they started investing, developing their own mobile apps. The year 2017 witnessed a huge surge in downloads of around 254 billion (free) apps!. Now, that is huge.

Mobile apps have been transforming our lives ever since – with apps for booking tickets, hotels, ordering food or grocery, to fixing various appointments and much more. The list goes on and nowadays it has come to a point where one would say “I am sure there must be an app for that” has become a go-to solution for all our problems. So, let’s now glance at some of the trending app technologies we will be seeing grow more viable in the current and upcoming years:

Enterprise Apps: Enterprise Mobile apps are designed to help and cater to the needs of the workforce in an organization. It is instrumental in optimizing workflows, increase productivity by bringing inconvenience for the employees. This further enhances flexibility and use of technology in all kinds of areas. In order to build a smart organization, Enterprise Apps must be deployed which will help in complete digitization of the processes.

Beacon Technology: This technology is ever expanding and is expected to go over $25 billion by 2024.  Beacon technology isn’t something that came up overnight, in fact, it has been around for quite some time now. And in today’s time, acceptance is rising with multiple sectors and industries adapting it for growing their business and deliver awesome customer experience.

Smart Things & IoT: The increase in connected devices has elevated the lifestyle of people to a whole new level of “smart living”. It has greatly helped to enhance healthcare services, smart agriculture, retail services, transportation, etc. A mobile app allowing such functionalities and displaying or controlling actions in just a tap is what smart living is all about.

Augmented Reality: The idea of being able to use real-life surroundings into account to add in virtual elements to it sounds like a plot from a fictional thriller, but today it is a reality. Though it started out as being attractive for the game developer, like the Pokemon Go, which was a huge hype back in 2016, there is much more AR can do. Sectors like retail, interior design, education have a huge impact by application of AR. It is estimated that by 2022, the global revenue is expected to cross the $15 billion mark and in 2019 alone, AR/VR based apps are said to touch $5 billion!.

So what you’re waiting for. Get your business out there and make it huge by developing user-friendly amazing apps that solve every problem your potential or existing clients may have. The technology has arrived and the time is now – to bring about a revolutionary change in the way businesses are done and the way consumers connect.

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