UI/UX Trends

UI/UX Trends 2019

With this field being very dynamic, and with more of our daily activities being digitized, here’s a glance at where UI/UX is heading and what can we expect to see in the current year.

Utilizing UI for better UX: Artificial Intelligence’s presence can be felt in almost in every sector and is slowly dominating the digital world too. With more and more products adopting this technology, it’s time that it is explored to deliver a better user experience to the customers. AI in UI/UX can be very well used to provide customers with quick, easy and tailored results which are a perfect fit for their needs.

Voice User Interfaces: Voice interfaces aren’t the future, they are already here and the year 2019 will only see them become more and more prominent. Voice is popular because it’s easy. Everyone from a child to a grown-up use voice to give a command to machines or devices and the proliferation of smart speakers will make voice a mainstay for UX in 2019.

Video In Web Design: Videos are no longer a way through which one passes on bits of information. They have become an integral part of a website besides being a major UX design trend. The video can be seamlessly merged with websites which create an overall striking effect. Battling for the user’s attention has been the constant fight for designers hence video formats are very interesting to draw in the users and keep them engaged with the website for long. Video and motion graphics helps designers to create visual storytelling experiences that go way beyond making users dive into the screen.

Illustration and Animation: This UX design trend is gradually becoming an inevitable part of any user interface. With the growing use of vectors, 3D visuals, and geometric illustrations, these can help enrich any web or mobile design by explaining complex ideas in a simpler way. Incorporating animation and illustration bring in a sense of “human touch” to the overall website. Also, adding these elements helps build a brand’s visual identity with delightful additions that help engage the audience.

Personalized Experience: This year will see a rise in personalized user experiences as Machine learning and AI has given designers the freedom to tailor content according to the location, preferences, behaviour of the audiences. Those businesses who adopt this practice will see an increase in conversions.




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