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Design is THE recipe!

We believe that design is not incidental but has to be thought out, and each single detail in the design​ ​has to be carved and etched with intention. Design captures the eyes of the users first and is also the major marker in setting the first impression about the business or organisation. We believe that all the effort put into finalising the design and bringing the design to life should not overtly be seen heavily on the app. Instead, all the heavy backend work should lead to a simple design which garners the trust of the user and befriends the user. This is ensured through careful considerations and then final choices of iconography, colours, fonts, to the proportions and ratios. The smoothness and efficiency of the user interface is of utmost importance to us. It is a smooth interface that leads to an engaged user experience, or should we say gets the user hooked!

The design is in the details

The look and experience of the final app is in our minds and goals from stage zero of the app development. We never lose sight of our aim. All the details and steps in designing and development only fall into place to give this final picture. However, this does not mean that we do not love to have some fun, we are all about the controlled experimentation. We believe that the design is a visual language which must transcend cultural differences and unite the users in its experience. We extend these app design and consultancy services to firms in the UK. We ensure that each project of app development of ours concentrates firmly on the fundamentals. We look at making information architecture, wireframes, static screens, dynamics, seamless animations and transitions and finishing the app up with elements of branding, iconography, and typography that are shaped and crafted that are handpicked in a manner to please aesthetically and functionally.

UI & UX design services in London, UK
The Design Process


We like to be methodical with our research process such that we have a complete understanding of different elements that would lead to the success or failure of this particular app. The research sets the tone for the further levels of designing and we ensure it is exhaustive in its capacity.


We have collaborative sessions where we make a blueprint of the processes that the development of the app will go through and how and when these processes would be carried out.


Exploration is the most adventurous bit for our designing process where we seek answers for pertinent questions regarding your app. We travel unconventional paths to search for answers to these questions, and in this process find our most out of the box and path-breaking ideas.

Flowchart and Wireframing

Having reached the stage in the process where our ideas and brainstorming sessions lead to a physical form in the flowcharts and mappings that we create to present the detailed interactions and screens.


The next stage enters the trial stage where we create a prototype or the first draft version of the app to text it by experiencing it. These make for interactive versions which provide a clearer understanding of the outcome.


While working with multiple screens and flowcharts, one runs the risk of inconsistency. This barrier is eliminated by following a style guide which ensures that consistent UI elements are used like icons, typography, colours, et al.


Interface is where the matters have concretised, and the last bits of coming together takes place. We ensure that the app is all prim and proper and ready to go out and travel the world! The developing of an app is an art that we have spent many years sculpting and perfecting, it is a passion that our team shares. We invite you to be part of this journey where all your future app has our undivided attention. Give your app what it deserves- OUR SERVICES and DESIGN!